Body is not stiff. Mind is stiff

Wednesday practice has a lot of vrittis (distractions)  for me, they go something like this:  "I'm tired", "everything hurts", "it is the fourth day, of course!"...

Half way through practice I arrived at kurmasana (picture (from right)  and the fluctuations of the mind were not helping.  Right about then I looked at the line of pictures of Patthabi Jois over the pink wall, searching for inspiration, and  heard what he said  "Body is not stiff, mind is stiff".

So I did the UNTHINKABLE. I actually went into kurmasana AGAIN.  I have never EVER done anything like this, ending the pose being something of a big relief and almost victory, but today, following Patthabi's lead, I just stood up, breathed deeply, quieted the mind as much as I could and went into it again.

Iose  must have taken pity on me because he came over and adjusted me, and let me breath for a long time before putting the hands together.  I went deep into it, not as deep as on a Monday but at least I feel like I actually did it.

Today I am very much with this "mind is stiff" concept, and I proved it with the body, so I guess I learned it a "visceral level". Once the mind was out of the picture, breathed again, and stayed present, I allowed it to happen, even on a "stiff" day.

Mind, oh mind, you are so tricky.

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