Two ways in which I got sick from yoga

Not an easy post for me to write. In the last two months I got sick through yoga twice, and as much as I love the practice I am realizing that there has to be a lot of wisdom built into what practices we do when, and where. The good thing that comes out of this, for me, is that now at least I can speak from "experience".

I am aware that practices have different effects on different people at different times, perhaps all I am doing is giving "heads up"

The two practices I am referring to are the oil bath, and the hot bath.

I attempted to take a hot bath before practice in December and then went to the shala. It was a very cold day, and I was very VERY warm, double hat, globes, pants, leg warmers, everything, yet I got a cold, and a bad one, that lasted the whole 7 days.

However, bathing after practice has never harmed me in any season.

The other one was just a few weeks ago when I attempted the oil bath, especially the "head" part. Again, about 6 hours later I had to go to the street, and even though I was dressed very warm, again, I went down with a cold.

I suppose what I am learning is that winter is a very special season, one in which, especially at my latitude where it gets really cold, I need to take extra precautions.

I am also happy to get to know the internal guru, giving me guideance for the future.  Now I know.


  1. Claudia,

    You do not catch a "cold" from cold weather. You catch it through infection through a rhinovirus. Exposure to cold, whether warmly dressed or not, has been shown to have no influence.

    With best intentions.

  2. hi Claudia
    i used to take a shower before and after practice. now during the cold months find that it's impractical to take the before practice one.

    anon is correct, however, wouldn't exposure to temperature differences lower our body's resistance, so that it makes us susceptible to the rhinoviruses out there?

    cheers, Arturo


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