7 things I will NOT do in India

The next time I am blessed to visit India there are many things I would love to do, and there are things I know I would like to SKIP, here are seven:

1.- Drink the water, here is why

2.- Talk negatively about any school of yoga.  I rather speak positively, I am a believer in the power of words, they are spells, the cleaner the vocabulary the better.  Furthermore, hey I think I will only speak positively about it all.

3.- Beg for a pose.  This might be hard, but I pledge to surrender

4.- Stay up late.  Which will not be a stretch, I kind of go to bed pretty early every day.  Do you? What time?

5.- Pay enormous amounts of money for a Vedic astrology reading. I found that the guy next to Santosha (they have no website but it is a brunch place near the shala with great food) was exactly right on what he predicted when I went to him 2 years ago, and it was only 500 Rps, or about 12 dollars, compared to the going rate of 100 for the featured astrologer in fashion on those days.

6.- Go on safari or anything exotic with that kind of "ring" to it

7.- Wonder too far from Gokulam.  Not that I would not want to, I would actually love to see everything, travel around, visit Chennai (Sivanadan's Asrham) Goa, the Dali Lama's residence,  Varanasi, or the city of death, and more, but it is unlikely I will have that much time.  I suppose all these cities go on the post of things I would like to do when in Shiva's country!

If you happen to be thinking of going, here are 9 tips to travel safe.
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  1. love this list!!i would also love to visit others towns but i dont have enough time , so i stick to mysore and sometimes i do only mysore, sometimes mysore and pondichery or bangalore...

  2. Hmmm pondichery... Never heard of that town... Curious now... :)

  3. I drove through Chennai to get to a hotel near the airport and the entire hour ride smelled like I was cruising through a humongous, rank port-a-potty!

    I mean there are blocks like that in Mysore but not half hour stretches in a CAR (rather than rickshaw).

    I realize this isn't so positive of a comment unless one likes the smell of sewers!


  4. Oooh gee maybe I'm going to have to change my naked profile picture!

  5. B, I was wondering bout your picture, can't quite make out what is what... So you actually drove? Goodness...that road sounds horrible

  6. In a taxi! I'd never so much as ride a bicycle in India. People were always walking around all scraped up Too crazy over there & I'm a space.

    To the top right is my nipple with a star over it - adobe illustrator.

  7. Yes I see now, wow!!! Sexy!!!!

  8. I've been in a strange mood lately! I'll change it pretty soon though.

  9. Just curious, why did you leave AYNY, not that it is any of my business and I understand if you don't answer this question! :-)
    I am always curious how people jump around from teacher to teacher.

  10. Hi Anon, it was a logistics thing. First I was practicing with John until he left yoga sutra, I also happened to move downtown so I asked Eddie if he would accept me and he did... Then about a year later we moved far from downtown very far, and John had started teaching, so again talked to Eddie and John... Then made the switch...

  11. Hi Claudia , When are you going to Mysore ?Will u be coming to Chennai ? If u need any help during your visit to Chennai let me know and I will do my best to help you out as I stay in Chennai .Have a great time in Mysore .

  12. Krishna, I am afraid Chennai (Madurai?) is not in the cards for me this time, but. I would love go come and visit and have a cup of chai with you! When that happens you will be the first to know, cant wait!

  13. Claudia ,
    Chennai was previously called Madras and it is different from Madurai . Anyway feel free to inform me about ur Chennai trip in case it is on your agenda and we can plan for a meet up .

  14. Madras! yes! of course, forgive my ignorance please. and yes of course I will :-)


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