I was studying a cool yoga book when...

 I learned all about the gunas, 

and how our psychological tendencies move us

I thought about it for a while...

I noticed that sometimes I can get very carried away, and be

While at other times maybe I am sleepy and 

or sometimes I am all nice and sweet and balanced and 

At that moment I decided,


 that I would always be Satvic.




I ate healthy stuff

meditated every day

Cleaned my room, washed dishes, worked with intention, and did all things in a satvic manner

A few days later I felt a little hungry at around 6 PM.  

I went to the kitchen to see if I could find some brown rice, or spinach...  but I found nothing in the refrigerator, nothing!

So I looked in the freezer, and the only thing I could find was

It turns out that trying to always be satvic...

may turn someone into a rajasic monster

So I went for it and ate it all

ended up in food coma

Maybe next time

I will just eat when I want to eat without the drama

Then get back to what is really important:


  1. Sooo creative! Such a great way to send the message :-) Here's a boring (tamasic) post on how creative visualization may stave off lava cake comas - http://bit.ly/e53Wpd Happy New Year!

  2. Thanks Dendrite, that is cool, those guys at Carnegie Mellon will do research on anything!, good idea to imagine, especially if it leads to eating only about 60% of the lava cake... might implement :-)

  3. I loved it. Cute and funny! - Jennifer

  4. Love your new cartoons. This one sends a good message regarding the forthcoming holiday meal...enjoy food with family without all the drama. Happy Christmas Eve.

  5. Thank you Jennifer and Nobel, and yes Kristen, it is a good idea to just enjoy when that is the energy of the day :-) although I must say I find Christmas eve a little ... strange... tense... must meditate...

  6. Cute post, Claudia. I think we can all relate:-)

  7. Thanks Aimee, I am enjoying your vegan blogs both the global and the french... been thinking about eating lentils which seem to be featured in the latest posts there, that is a cool coincidence :)

  8. ...good to remember not to overeat. went to weigh myself so i have a reference point this holiday.

  9. Merry Christmas Lilasvb :)

    Arturo, yes that is true, I know you have this CRON method of calorie restriction with optimal nutrition, and I agree, eating efficiently is important, then again I had some lovely apple pie last night on Xmas eve, and kind of really liked it... I may have had a portion and a half and all!!! but, I was just respecting my gunas without grossly overdoing it... so I think I will be OK :-) Felicidades para ti tambien! que lo pases muy lindo, abrazo, Claudia

  10. Oh, this is an oldie but goodie. Love it. Sometimes, you should eat the pie. But even better, know you're going to eat the pie, be one with yourself, and make something pie-like that's healthy. It's be a challenge to make a healthy lava cake--maybe paleo brownies would do, but pie substitute--that, I can do:)


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