Living life dedicating everything to the Divine

Last summer while visiting a monastery near home I made this video about the Divine Mother, I thought it would be a good way to introduce myself in talking rather than asana form, at least for once and share a prayer that I hold very dear in my heart.  

Originally the video had the prayer recited in it but it goes so long that I could not upload it, hence the editing to make it a bit shorter.

Why now?  well,  I can't stop thinking about sutra II-1 and the three elements that Patanjali says constitute a yoga practice: 1) Accepting the pains of life as purification, 2) dedicating everything to the Divine  / surrendering and 3) studying scriptures.

The video helps with the devotion part, it can be recited while washing spinach or chopping the onions, while showering or commuting:

The Divine Mother Invocation:

Oh Divine Mother
May all my speech and idle talk be mantra,
All actions of my hands be mudra
All eating and drinking be the offerings of oblations unto thee
All laying down prostrations before thee
May all my pleasures be as dedicating my entire self unto thee
And may everything I do be taken as thy worship
Oh Divine Mother!


  1. This is lovely a meaningful standard set before us.

    Thank you!

  2. very nice post! i would love to go in a women temple!

  3. Thank you wild magnolia and lilasvb :-))

    This ashram in BC, Canada, is beautiful, in the woods by a lake, with great food, great environment for going deep , journaling is encouraged, beautiful

  4. More videos please. What a lovely voice! Is the invocation at the ashram done in sanskrit or in english?

  5. Saw this one this morning on youtube, loved it, so nice to hear your voice after all this time, was grinning all the way through it. oh and there was something about a prayer......

  6. Thanks for the video, Claudia. You have a beautiful voice too. I didn't realize this until now, but I had been wondering to myself all this time: What does Claudia sound like in real life? For some reason, I keep picturing you having a voice that is somewhat deeper (but that's probably because I have a deep voice myself, so I tend to project my own voice onto others'). But this is neither here not there. Great video!

  7. @sereneflavor thank you, in BC they only did it in English, did not even think there was a Sanskrit version... at least I am not aware

    @Grimmly thank you, had to google translate "grinning", new word for me... I keep learning English with you :-) nice to learn it means smiling... :-)

    Nobel, thanks! ha ha, that is funny that you pictured me with a lower voice and that it probably was a projection, I think I heard you in the video of the interview with Kino and yes you do have a deep voice :-) anyway, it is cool we are all getting to know each other through this medium and videos, hope to make more

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