Just Don't Call me a Lazy Man: From Martina's Blog: Sharath in Conference

Question: Will you be taking Guruji’s place after his passing?
Sharath: “There is only on Guruji. No one can replace Guruji. No one can put their feet in his shoes. We all have faith in him and in the practice. I will not change the system, I am connected to Guruji, if you like what I do, call me whatever you want. Just don’t call me a lazy man! ” :)

Why do you think Sharath would joke about that?

"Don't call me lazy"

Wonder if he got it ingrained so much that he is really scared someone will!  

My friend Martina just posted the whole conference, read about it here!



  1. Maybe he's self-conscious. Whenever you read about Pattabhi Jois is always something like "the guy is 86 years old and he just helped 6000 people into backbends from 4am until 7pm"

    I think Sharath wants to underline that he is just as here for his students as Pattabhi.

    Its interesting that Sharath though says its his "karma" to be a yoga teacher. I've heard him say that twice now. I hope its his passion also.

  2. James, I guess it is something like that yes, he was incredibly dedicated and so all of his students say, I suppose it is really hard to fill his shoes and of course Sharath won't even try to, I would not either, it would be too much. On the karma thing, I think I heard that too at conference, although I think he said "dharma" the first time...


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