No Pain, No Asana, No Come, And A Few Pictures

I discovered that the saying: "no pain, no asana, no come",  Pattabhi Jois's way of saying "no pain no gain", is very true. 

I prefer his command of English better than the popular saying because of the "asana" part in the middle, the implication that for an asana to come to us, especially those difficult ones, some pain has to be felt.  True words.  
No Pain, No Asana, No Come
Ever since recovering from being sick I have been grateful for the asnas I have, and been concentrating on where I am at, polishing what needs cleaning up, like supta kurmasana, garba pindasana and the dropping back business.

Interestingly enough that is where I am receiving the most adjustments, and twice now, have been getting into a lot of pain. Lower back pain. Thank God for the ancient Chinese ways of healing.

This is teaching me two things:

1- How true the saying is.  The difficult asanas come to me while I go beyond where I "think" I can go, and then something hurts.  The slight pain indicates perhaps I pushed too far. This is the "good" kind of pain, of course, I NEVER force.  But the never forcing can fall into complacency too.  It needs to be checked.

Whenever I return to the mat after feeling pain, there is a new awareness that goes into the body as I move every little inch, so that the pain will not return.  And there is also a bit of fear that goes along with that too.

2.- Finding more of the spiritual side of asanas.  Yoga is about separating what is real from what is not.  Fear is one of those things that are not real but made by our minds, by our anxiety and expectations, by our human condition.  

What better opportunity to get the mind to connect with actual reality that going beyond what we mentally hold dearly as "possible".

This morning I did not think I could do much backbending because of the back pain I have been experiencing.  I knew I would attempt to drop back but I was weary of it.  Affraid.

However, an excellent teacher will always help us get into that space, of "no mind".  And true to the word, Sharath helped me drop-back and the bending got deeper than ever, as in the hands walking in 3 times, closer to the heels, when normally they barely move only once.  For some reason his adjustments make my body do things that normaly it would not do.

There was no fear.  There was no chatter. Five whole breaths of no mind. Hands closer to the heels than ever.  Surrounded by a field of infinite possibilities, not even silence was heard.

Aaaaaannnnd on another front, Sharath's new home is coming along.


  1. Yoga is a stretching forth, the spiritual side for me, is the same.

  2. hi claudia-

    going through a period of great uncertainty. wondering if you can comment on what mantras, chants, meditations, etc. helped you the most in your period of uncertainty that you overcame. thanks in advance. much appreciation for your blog.

  3. Hi Anon, sorry to hear. Then again there could be opportunity there. When I went through a period like that recently what helped me the most was to keep on putting one foot in front of the other, doing what needed to be done, one little bit every day, and prayer, direct prayer, as in saying: Dear God (or whatever you believe in), this is too much for me, I will keep on putting one foot in front of each other but you please take care of the bigger details because this is too much for me". That right there was the most helpful... trusting, follows. And, of course, continuing with the practice of yoga, every day.

    The Gayatri Mantra is a very powerful one as well.

    Good luck!

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