Bad Lady!

Misunderstanding. Lack of pause. Twitter available. Bad news. Must remember.

It's been a while since James went to Pure Yoga for a Mysore class.  We have to cancel your membership, I said.  He agreed.  He has way too many meetings whenever in New York, is just too busy. 

And so I called and made arrangements for the one month notice and to come over and sign the forms only to find out that his Pure Yoga card -which he has lost- had been used.

Almost without thinking I Tweeted my self-righteous thoughts. This was the Tweet:

Someone has been using my husband's lost  card...and getting some free classes... no yoga understanding there.

As soon as I tweeted I had a bad feeling, something in my body knew that that Tweet was not right.  But I let it go as one does.

The following morning while talking to the Pure representative he asked if James may have lost his card in the actual Mysore room, and I said yes.

That is when it dawned on me:

The Pure Yoga cards have no name on them.  Could it be that someone picked it up thinking it was his? And used it innocently? Totally unaware and very much in the yogic path.

Bad lady.  I take that Tweet back. Should really follow my own advice!

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  1. i take it as a sign that James is suppose to keep up his practice!

    1. Yes. He is coming with me next week to Sharath in Grenwich... big sign

  2. Isn't it better that someone actually used the membership rather than it just being wasted? I think the Universe took care of this one rather well!

  3. Agreed Loo, happened for a reason indeed!

  4. Also, even if your tweet was in error, not "bad lady," maybe but an opportunity to learn something. Lessons everywhere, as we move through our practice. And maybe James will be more thoughtful about the card and where it is after the consciousness that this incident brought to it. What the heck.

    1. Yes, error would be a more suitable term, you are quite right, and it is a huge opportunity to notice how easily I can rush into unconsciousness... good point!

  5. I am trying to feel the same about the 600 dollars in cash I lost today on the way to deposit it after I stopped to pay a bill in person at one store and to pick up food at another. Someone in my affluent area picked it up for sure and said "this is my lucky day" instead of considering trying to return it which as a yogi would be what I have done in the past and would have done. I covered and retraced my steps for an hour at the two stores in between where it must have happened and the parking areas with the hope that someone would bring it to customer service areas. But then I realized it wasn't going to happen and that my work pay for three weeks was gone. The only think I could think then is I hope whoever decided to keep the money, needs it more than I do. If that's what yoga thinking is, then so be it. But I have to admit, it's not an easy way to think.

  6. Anon, really sorry to hear about this! Hope the money comes back somehow, and with one or two more zeros at the end


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