First James Kiss

I wanted to kiss her but God wasn’t sending a message yet. I was too shy to kiss unless God sent some lightening down. A real sharp blast that would blow up the atmosphere.  Everyone would squeal. Birds would fly in awkward directions, smashing into light poles, or boats. She would move closer and I would put my tongue straight in her mouth. The world would never be the same. But God was leaving me alone on this one.
Three years later you can fart in front of a girl, no problem. Two times, three times. They don’t even notice. Sometimes you even stop showering for a week at a time. They notice but whatever. Three years. What are you doing to do?
Claudia and I were on our second date. I wined and dined her. I forced her to drink alcohol during lunch. She didn’t even want to drink, I could tell, but I was drinking. So I forced her. I said, “C’mon, just one glass of wine”.  Maybe I would even get her back to my apartment although that filled me with too much nervousness.

More from James here... Sweet.


This has been the Yogasanagalu week.  Satya and Grimmly have been translating and publishing portions of it, and G has done a photographing effort in Facebook (so far) to show all the series as designed by Krishanamcharya in the 1930's-1940's AND pretty much as we practice them today in the Ashtanga Yoga system. See the latest here.
Yeah, he is the man
What we are learning is that the series existed even then, and were designed by Krishnamacharya.  As per the way of teaching it, we know from Singleton that there was a fast count in the tours and demonstrations, or at least that is his speculation, but there was also modifications and slower counts at the palace for students that could not keep up.  It is quite an exciting time to be reading and learning straight from Krishnamacharya.

In case you missed it, here is that article from 2000 that has been all over Facebook about Pattabhi Jois and the shala in those days.

My post on the Castor Oil Bath has been receiving some comments.  Seems like the Ashtanga Yoga Saturday is going through a revival of sorts.

Also from G, 10 techniques for practicing Pratyahara. Great post.

I'm Scared

10 vestigial traits you did not know you had

The space shuttle flew over NYC this week, here are 25 extraordinary photos. Scroll down.


Photos of Ashtanga Yoga Sun Salutation A - This Morning (Surya Namaskar A)

I continue the photographing experiment. This time just Surya A as the 4G in the camera card seems to have not been enough to get me through to Surya B. Gotta love technology though.