James came to me with an idea for his latest book. He said, "I don't care if I make money on this book or even lose money on it. I want people to get the message. I want to pay people back who buy my book and can prove to me they read it."

"Are you crazy? I said, "pay back? prove they read it? Why did you even think of this?"

13' Talk of James on why it is important to Choose Yourself right now!

He said, "Well, Tucker Max was the first one to suggest it."

I said: "You mean the guy who wrote, 'Assholes Finish First'?"

(and although there was sarcasm in my tone, I confess that I've since met Tucker. He's a great person and incredibly intelligent.)

James went on: "We know that if people get something for free they won't value it. And we also know that if someone buys a book, chances are they won't read it."

"Okaaay..?" I said.

"So I know the ideas in this book helped me. Saved me. Even freed me from the chains. I tell my story. I tell other stories. I give the methods. I WANT people to read this."

"Hmmm... but it's too gimmicky," I said. "It feels desperate."

"It's OK. Don't worry. I just want people to prove to me they got the message from the book. Then I'm happy. "   -

You can read the "offer" below in this very blog-post.

James's book is out today. He wrote it. Then  Dick Costolo, (the CEO of Twitter), wrote the foreword and it's funny.

If you click on the cover below it will take you to the Amazon page. And below that is the first page of the book that outlines the offer James is making. I know he worked hard on this book and I'm proud of him.  

Choose Yourself
("Choose Yourself! - be happy, make millions, live the dream" by James Altucher. Foreword by Dick Costolo, CEO of Twitter)

From the first page of the book:


I don't need to make a dime off of this book. The ideas in the book have already made me wealthy in many ways. What I really care about is that as many people as possible read this book and understand this message, even if it puts my own personal investment at risk.

Here's how I'm going to try and create a situation where as many people as possible get this message: I know nobody values books—or anything—that are given away for free. So, I’m not going to do that.

This isn't one of those ineffectual self-help books designed to look good on your shelf. You either read the book and use these ideas, or you shouldn't bother. That’s why you have to front the purchase price.

But, if you can prove to me that you have actually read the book, I will give you your money back. It's an investment that's all upside on your part.

How do you prove to me you've read the book? Do the following: Within the first three months of the official publication date, do these two things:

1) Send me a copy of the receipt to IReadChooseYourself@gmail.com. There is a kindle version, a paperback, and an audio version and they all cost different amounts. I need to know what you paid.

2) Then chose one of the following to send together with the receipt: - You can write an honest review anywhere you want. - You can take a photograph of yourself reading the book. - You can write me a testimonial or an email asking me questions that show you've read the book. If you can think of other ways, that's fine too.

The point is: prove to me you read the book, and get your money back. Or, you can tell me to give it to a charity. This is the charity I will give it to: WomenForWomen International I'm a man of my word. If every single person who buys the book takes advantage of this opportunity, then I will make lose money on it (since Amazon takes their cut). But I'll be just as happy because it means the message will spread and you, the people who read the book, will be helped.

I know I was helped. This book has worked for me. I chose myself!

Choose Yourself

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  1. Just bought the kindle version (In Indian currency). But can I trade the money back offer with 5 minutes of your time when you come to India next?

  2. Whenever James comes to India he will be happy to talk to him, just approach him after the talk, he is pretty friendly :-) Thanks for buying the book!

  3. Nice marketing stunt. The kinds of things people do to be famous.

  4. Just bought the kindle version (In U.S. currency). But can I trade the money back offer for 5 square feet of your kitchen space, within arm's length of your refrigerator?

  5. ha ha ha. You could but not sure you would get lots of value now... for example, the refrigerator has right now only water and vitamines. Have not been to the supermarket in a while because we'been too busy with the launch. Thanks for buying a coopy!

  6. I've always wanted to speak to the two of you. Would love to meet you guys very quickly if you guys ever come to the Bay Area (I bet you guys are thinking about it ;)). And of course, I'm going for the paperback so I can get it signed by both of you, if I ever do see you guys!

  7. Sweet, thanks guys! Big inspiration you both are. Take care!

  8. And please come to L.A., too!

  9. Love the new book!!- congrads to you both!! - wish I seen the Toronto talk live -james is becoming uber confident on stage

  10. I love the fact that James finds it more valuable that people got his message and are using it instead of making money from it. I have to admire that, and aim to be able to help others on the scale that he does someday :)

  11. I'll read it once it's on piratebay, so we can skip the lengthy process of repaying etc. :)

  12. I added this to my Amazon wishlist but can't pay for it till the 15th. It is on my priority list though.

  13. I am convinced! I'm going to buy this book as soon as I get paid and read it. I love to see someone who believes so much in their message,someone who cares about helping others more that making profits! This whole idea really speaks to me, it feels so genuine. I very much look forward to reading the book.

  14. Hi, is there any way I can get the book besides Amazon? It's not available for purchase in Asia :(

  15. Hi Nur, we did worldwide distribution so it might be it takes a few weeks... or maybe Audible which also has worldwide distribution...

  16. Thanks Sarah, I know he has helped me in particular quite a bit, I am also very happy he is spreading the message :-)

  17. And there is always the refund option after the 15th :-) Thanks for writing Disco!

  18. Thank you :) I just got in on Audible, and it's been nothing but awesome so far.

  19. I like him more and more. :)

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