How to Be The Best Sales Man/Woman in the World TODAY

A man was begging on the subway between 42nd and 14th street yesterday.   "Oh nooo!" - That's what I was thinking so I put on my noise-cancellation headsets to try and be invisible. 

I was above the crowd of vulnerable New Yorkers with simple headsets.

But this guy was no homeless; he was THE WOLF OF 42ND STREET.

"I am not here to sell you candy, or tell you about my hardships, or ask for money" he said.

I somehow heard THAT over my noise cancelation. 

- I am here because I wrote a book, he said

He pulled a copy and showed it to us. It was obviously self-published with the Create Space templates, the same way I published my first book.  

It did not look "professional", but heck, the guy had a book!

- It's called "Changing Your Game Plan" he said.  Momentum growing.

The book tells the story of my life and the mistakes I made that landed me in prison.

I removed the noise cancelation at that point. 

The exclusive membership club of the express train lifted their heads at once.  How could we not? Prison?!

What followed was the best copy-writing / sales-speech I EVER heard on a subway:

- You can grab a copy now and look at the back to see what it says. Totally free.   

There was nothing to lose right?  You COULD HOLD IT for free. He did not say the book was free. 

What did you have to lose by simply holding it? 

The woman next to me (probably in her 50s) STOOD UP to grab a copy.  A few others got a hold of one as well.  

Everyone who had one was half-convinced already, some were reaching for the four bucks. It didn't matter what the back of the book said.

There's a trick called Investment Bias. And by now he had already made you invest your time and interest in his book. You were IN. 

Also, by now he had:

 a) Identified the ones that might buy, and 
 b) Had put a copy in their hands.  They were holding it already!

- Look at the back of the book and see what it's all about.

He repeated that...  The man knew what he was doing.

Two more people grabbed a copy as he walked up and down commanding the stage of a frigid January subway audience.   

- If you want the book autographed that is for free.  The book cost four dollars, but the autograph is free.

Genius again: he was already offering extra value.  

The price was introduced as an after-thought, after the "extra value"... 

Now, you may argue the extra value (autograph) was "perceived". Who cares? It works!

And... he said "free" thrice already!

- The book cost 4 dollars. Today.  (It's 12 in Amazon paper-back).  I just want to help others.

Now we knew that:

a) We had a bargain and the guy had something to offer (prison!)
b) There was a sense of urgency. Why? Because of the next line.... the line that killed it!

-Don't wait for the book to be on Oprah people, this is your chance!

Everyone who was holding the book bought it.  All of them. That was 6 people in a 5 minute ride.  All of them wanted it autographed too.  

He asked everyone for their names and autographed them with a personal message.

I just bought my own copy.  2.99 in Kindle

You go R. Kearse!  You've got yourself a fan. ME. And those six people.

Because incarceration is not always of the metal bar kind... No!

Many times incarceration is of the metal MENTAL bar we set up for ourselves.

I'm off now. Gotta read a book, bro.

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  1. Hi Claudia- I don't do yoga regularly but I value your blog very much. I found your husband's blog through thought catalog, then yours :) both of you have provided real guidance during what feels like a continuous state of liminality.

    I like this story. To me a good salesperson makes buyers feel like they won't be ditched and forgotten after the sale. There's more to come, something to gain for both sides.

  2. thank you Sara, and you are right that is a good sales man, he does not sell you for today, he sells you for life...

    For example he just tweeted to me that "he's never been called "the wolf of 42nd street"... He made me feel appreciated. Now he has a fan for LIFE... I adore the guy... I WANT him on Oprah, he IS an inspiration.

    I appreciate your kind words, I really do

    Now that word "liminality"... Had to look it up... I get excited when I learn new words... and I LIKE IT... it definitely describes where we are at, and all of us together are figuring it out. One day at the time

    Big hug!

  3. This is awesome!

    I'm wondering if he tested different approaches to arrive at the one he's using now…

  4. You can ask him, he's on Tweeter... I would love to know as well, and you could write your third book :-)

  5. I tweeted at him and mentioned you in the reply. My third book is currently underway. Never realized how fun it would be to write these books!

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