21 Things to Know Before Starting an Ashtanga Yoga Practice 
This is what people are saying about the book:

"Claudia's own passion for the practice is infectious, it's on almost every page. Yet despite that passion there's also an openness that I respect immensely. As a blogger herself Claudia's come up against questions and criticisms regarding the practice both on her own blog and those on which she contributes through comments. She's aware of what makes people uncomfortable or perhaps suspicious at times and is always respectful in her response, she is constantly exploring the practice and trying to understand it a little more herself.  In the book that translates as respect for her readers.

"She doesn't just throw information about the practice at you, she invites you in, she doesn't avoid the difficult questions, she often struggles with them too. Her book is a guide to pretty much everything surrounding the practice ( and more besides ) but she's also a fellow traveller, she wants to share her view of the practice but her curiosity comes through, she wants to hear your view too. " Grimmly

"I just finished your book. I enjoyed it quite a bit. As you allude to at least once, the practice sort of brings what we need into our lives. Your book falls squarely into that category for me. I found the format of lists fun, concise and accessible.... I have embraced "If you don't have a fever and nothing is broken, then get on the mat and do what you can." I think it will help to build my fledgeling home practice."   Amy
"Yeah Claudia, Practicing Ashtanga for many years, this book sets the tone. So Enjoyable. 
I recommend it to my students" Ro

“Claudia shares her personal experiences and years of study in the ancient mysteries of yoga. I loved this book because it answers so many questions around this ancient practice, the history and why it is still so valuable in to modern day man. yoga studios should have this book available to beginners as well as to those who just can't get enough of yoga!” Martina
"Anyone thinking about starting an ashtanga yoga practice, curious about the practice or have been practicing and need some guidance on the practice; this is the book to read first! ...Her recount of her first venture with DVD's instead of entering a shala made me feel "I am not alone" in the fear and feeling of intimidation." Elo

I am grateful to all of you who read the blog/book and that have been e-mailing me and sharing experiences, I feel blessed to be a part of the global village of yogis, all of us together, seeking truth, health and well-being, possibly even liberation.
I Look forward to continuing the conversation on this amazing ashtanga yoga journey.
May we all be well and happy.

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